Emerging Market Trend Setters…
Leading By Example

We are one of the most respected emerging markets services firm, serving government, corporations and individuals for their most critical needs in over 110 countries.

We solve some of the world’s toughest challenges through a combination of technology and human capital solutions, servicing, advising and investing.

Our Group has three principles themes: servicing through human capital solutions; advising through management consulting; investing as principle investors.

Primarily, the CF Corporation is geared for the emerging markets, providing local entities with solutions and global entities for the same as part of their emerging market portfolio. Our model is therefore to be more involved with client’s on-the-ground, seeing ideas become a reality and ensuring momentum realises the original intended goal. Culture, chemistry and mind-set amongst our people and our clients is fundamental to delivering such goals, skills aside.

Our moto is productivity can be increased two-fold through people and the right combination of technology. Focussing on most important assets, people and technology, one can realise more than they originally thought. We crystallise our clients’ awareness what these assets can truly bring.

Three decades of data that we have generated across thousands of people and business mandates, allows us to leverage historic data analytics alongside real-time big data and predictive artificial intelligence. As people, our expertise and understanding of business in the emerging markets has presented us with one of the markets best most renowned places to gather insights as to how entities should be positioned for the future and address critical issues in a more sustainable way.

Carter Fleming Advisory is a leading emerging markets management consulting firm. We advise influencers and leaders on digital, organisation, strategy, transactional activity and transformation across most industries.

Carter Fleming People is a group of branded companies providing human capital solutions around talent management, technology, organisational agendas and development. Projects scale from single mandates around specific people to global large-scale enterprise solutions.

Carter Fleming Investments is a long-term investment partner for growth capital in the emerging markets. With funds in the hundreds of millions, investments range from early stage concepts through to SME businesses. Unlike other private equity firms that are solely focussed of financials, we invest into firms where the potential of human capital and technology can capture significant unrealised value.



We invest in our communities and partner with local organisations to provide creative solutions that respond to neighbourhood development needs.

Strengthening Communities

We believe we have a fundamental responsibility to help our clients and communities through donations and
active volunteered participation.

Environmental Sustainability

Our leading scale and expertise help us reduce environmental risks while generating new opportunities to create a more sustainable global economy.


Decades of Commitment, Innovation and Integrity

With a legacy dating back to 1982, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability across the emerging markets through servicing, advising and investing.

At the CF Corporation, we have been helping our clients to do first-class business for a number of years. Throughout that period, we have taken a long-term approach to client solutions – providing committed, innovative and consistent advice and execution to our clients at all times.

As a firm, we have a history of showing leadership, especially during times of critical need. We continue to build on that legacy. From our earliest days, we have contributed to business, society and country affairs. Our actions have always been driven by the desire to do the right thing for today and tomorrow.